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Practical Spirituality by James Arthur Ray

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Great Book!

Here’s a little excerpt:

“One day God and Satan are sitting together, drinking some red wine. God produces an envelope. ‘What do you have there?’ asks Satan.

‘Truth,’ answers God.

Satan replies, ‘How about giving it to me?’

‘What will you do with it?’ ask God.

Satan replies with a sly smile, ‘I’ll make it into a religion.'”

This little passages follows these three paragraphs:

Being impeccable consists of so many different facets. The perennial myth of impeccability tells us of the individual in human form who, through commitment, focus, and discipline, elevates himself to the level of the gods.

Through many ages and many cultures we have been taught of these god-men, Dionysus, Osirus, Quetzalcoatl, Wiracocho, Buddha, Christ, and a multitude of others. For each, the myth has been the same: birth, death, transformation, transfiguration, and rebirth.

Unfortunately, when we do not live out the messages of the myths, we convert the study about them into dogma and create a religion. When this occurs, the role of the great ones immediately becomes oppression versus liberation.

Isn’t this exactly what I was talking about in yesterday’s post?


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