A discussion about things of the spiritual nature.

Personal purpose statement:

“My purpose is to help as many people as I can reach as much of THEIR potential as THEY can.”

Thanksgiving Blessing

Creator, Thank you for the blessings you have created for us. Thank you for the blessings you have created with us. Help us always to remember That your infinite power Is also our infinite power Help us to share it freely, And use it wisely. Amen.

Why Spiritcurve?

Why Understand? A lot of Christians are Christian “by default” or “by habit.” We were taken to church as children. Some of us fell away during young adulthood.  Some returned to church after a while for various reasons.  Many refused to participate again due to core questions of doctrine or lack of understanding.  Many of […]

Rune’s Journal

My son Rune will turn 6 in January. Earlier this year he took an interest in the journals that Abra and I normally keep. He kept wanting to write in mine, which is OK every once in a while, but it seemed the right time to get him his own “special book.” He’s really taken […]

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