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Hall, Manly P. – The Secret Teachings of All Ages

  • Initiations only on Solstices and Equinoxes
    • Winter Solstice –
      • Christmas
        • Birth of Adonis
        • Birth of Mithras
        • Birth of Osirus
        • Birth of Jesus
  • Spring Equinox
    • Easter
    • Death + 3 days = Resurrection
      • Adonis
        • Virgin Mother = ?
      • Osirus
        • Virgin Mother = Isis
      • Mithras
        • Virgin Mother = ?
      • Jesus
        • Virgin Mother = Mary

Gnostics: Interpreted Christianity (Christian Mysteries) according to Pagan Symbolism.

  • Nous = Mind
  • Logos = Word
  • Phonesis = Intelligence
  • Sophia = Wisdom
  • Dynamis = Strength

Labyinths were symbolic of the involvements and illusions of the lower world through which wanders the soul of man in search for truth.

Wisdom can die in many ways at the same time.

The swan is the symbol of the initiates of the Mysteries.
Both the cross and the serpent were Atlantean emblems of divine wisdom.

Pg 291:

Contrary to the dictates of reason, a standard has been established which affirms the innocence bread of ignorance is more to be desired than virtue born of knowledge. Eventually, however, man will learn that he need never be ashamed of truth.

From the Conclusion Chapter
Materialistic thought is as hopeless a code of life as commercialism itself. The power to think true is the savior of humanity. The mythological and historical Redeamers of every age were all personifications of that power. He who has little more rationality than his neighbor is a little better than his neighbor. He who functions on a higher plane of rationality than the rest of the world is termed the greatest thinker. He who functions on a lower plane is regarded as a barbarian. Thus comparative rational development is the true gauge of the individuals evolutionary status.

The supreme source of power, this attainment of knowledge, this unfolding of the god within, is concealed under the epigrammatic statement of the philosophic life. This was the key to the Great Work, the mystery of the philosopher’s stone, for it meant that alchemical transmutation had been accomplished. Thus ancient philosophy was primarily the living of a life; secondarily, and intellectual method. He alone can becaome a philosopher in the highest sense who lives the philosophic life. When man lives he comes to know. Consequently, a great philosopher is one whose threefold life – physical, mental, and spiritual – is WHOLLY devoted to and completely permeated by his rationality.

Hence right action, right feeling and right thinking are the prerequisites of right knowing, and the attainment of philosophic power is possible only to such as have harmonized their thinking with their living.

… none can attain to the highest in the science of knowing until first he has attained to the highest in the science of living. Philosophic power is the natural outgrowth of the philosophic life.

The establishment of a the philosophic rhythm in the nature of an individual ordinarily requires from fifteen to twenty years.

[This started for me when my dad died in 1991 – it’s now 2006 – I’m right at 15 years into this journey.]

Well has it been said that no individual can succeed until he has developed his philosophy of life.

  • Knowledge = the condition of knowing.
  • Virtue = the condition of being.
  • Utility = the condition of doing.

Ignorance of ignorance, then, is that self-satisfied state of unawareness in which man, knowing nothing outside the limited area of his physical senses, bumptiously declares there is nothing more to know! He who knows no life save the physical is merely ignorant; but he who declares physical life to be all-important and elevates it to the position of supreme reality – such a one is ignorant of his own ignorance.

  • Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of thological speculation.
  • Science batters itself impotently against the barriers of the unknown.
  • Only transcendental philosophy knows the path. Only the illuminated reason can carry the understanding part of man upward to the light. Only philosophy can teach man to be born well, to live well, to die well, and in perfect measure to be born again.


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