A discussion about things of the spiritual nature.

My Spiritual Manifesto: A work in eternal progress.

I believe there is something greater than us at work in the universe (multiverse).

  • I believe in a God/Universal Spirit of Creation – and I believe he/she/it is STILL creating.
    • How boring would eternity be if God’s creative work was FINISHED?!
    • I don’t mind being the creative experiment of something larger – as long as I’m given a second chance if God makes a mistake (which I think IS possible).

I believe humans are not (yet? ) capable of understanding all the dimensions of the universe/multiverse.

  • We just understand Length, Width, Depth, and Time (Four of an infinite number of dimensions – pretty arrogant to think we’ve got it figured out based on this miniscule sensory input. And, we probably don’t really have an accurate understanding of even these dimensions – especially time.)

I believe that when we DO happen to perceive a dimension, two people will not necessarily perceive that dimension in the same way.

  • This is the source of miracles.

I believe we (humans, animals, etc.) are able to touch or at least sense that larger presence at certain points in our lives.

  • Whether or not we recognize the touch or sense depends on a lot of factors:
  • Our Physical state
  • Our Emotional state
  • Our Spiritual openness
  • Our Psychic openness
  • Some of the times we “Touch God” are:
    • When we are in love and are loved in return. Especially knowing that when we share love freely we don’t get less love, we get more. We have an infinite capacity for love. Just like a flame, when you share the flame, there is more light, not less.
    • When we CREATE
    • Conception, Quickening, Birth
      • As such, women have more potential to touch God – indicating the “femaleness” of God (although not exclusively female) – which indicates a prominent role for women in religious leadership (especially in the family – “family of God”) and as such a terminal error in any religious practice/denomination that excludes women from leadership roles.
    • Art, Music, Writing, Learning, Etc.
      • When we COPE with TRAUMA (not a happy touching, but a necessary touching…)
      • When we laugh or cry – anytime our emotions spill from their bodily container.
        • This can be good or bad – ANGER, FRUSTRATION, Etc.
      • In each of these instances we are touching the source – it’s just a matter of how we channel it.
    • Sincere (not canned) prayer.
      • Except when the “canned” prayer is memorized so deeply that it becomes a ritual that opens a meditative state and allows us to approach God.
    • When we “commune”
      • I like the scene/expression of “communion” in the movie Phenomenon.  The mystical understanding that something or someone can become a part of you.
      • Communion is not just the Christian idea of making JESUS a part of you – it’s making you recognize that YOU are a PART of EVERYTHING else.
    • When we constantly strive to tap our own potential.
    • When we help others strive to reach their potential.
  • Teaching your children and your peers.
  • Learning from others – students force the teacher into deeper understanding and mastery of the subject – so the act of learning is also an act of teaching by the student.

I believe there are many, many, multiple paths to spiritual understanding and that those paths are as individual as the people treading them. (touching God and recognizing the touch).

  • Christianity is just one of those paths.

I believe that all religion boils down to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • I believe our souls return until they have this understanding.
    • Once they have the understanding they have the CHOICE of returning and how to return – or they can decide NOT to return (heaven?)

I believe the archetype Christians know as Jesus or at least “the Christ(os)” has returned fairly often in an attempt to remind us of his TRUE lesson – which has been corrupted by men and women throughout history.

  • Other embodiments of the soul of Jesus may have been:
    • Mother Theresa?
    • John Lennon?
      • “All you need is love”
      • Outcast by the establishment, loved by the people…
      • Murdered in his prime
      • The songs of the Beatles may be around for the next 2000+ years just like the Bible… and with less opportunity to be changed through interpretation or political motivation than the words of Jesus as reported by the Gospels we read today. (NOTE: Jesus didn’t write anything himself… souls must be able to learn from what seems to have been a mistake.)
      • Yes, these two people (Theresa and Lenon) were alive at the same time… I believe the SOUL OF JESUS can be present in more than one person at a time.

I believe the Bible is an incomplete work and that some of its contents were politically motivated. And, that the MYSTERY is far more important than the HISTORY. We get distracted from the spiritual importance of the stories by arguing over the “facts” of the history, which is really stupid.

I believe a literal interpretation of the Bible stands in the way of a real spiritual relationship with God – as actually taught by The Christ(os). Literalist discussions prove willful spiritual ignorance – a failure to engage in the Mystery by willfully focusing on the mostly inaccurate “History.”

I believe that one must PRACTICE to find one’s faith and improve one’s ability to touch and even call on the creative source of God – which helps us deal with the opportunities and challenges of our lives and helps us appreciate the “life” that is present at those time and at all times, everywhere.

  • I’m “between churches” (looking for a place that will help teach my children to be shepherds instead of sheep) and may not end up going back. Instead I think I’ll be following my own path, with the help of my family and close friends, in a Taoist context inspired by the multi-cultural “hero’s journey” work and interpretations discussed by Joseph Campbell, and also the Science of Mind as articulated in the work of Ernest Holmes.
    • I believe Christianity is just ONE way of helping people find the higher power’s peace and love in their lives, and that most generally the Church actually gets in the way of spiritual development by instilling an us/them tribal mentality directly contrary to the teachings of the Jesus of the Bible.
    • I believe that the true practice of Christianity is embodied in all believers in a higher power who practice their faith sincerely – even if they are not actually worshiping Jesus. This is the essence of the Tao.
  • I choose also to practice my spirituality and explore knowledge and tradition through the traditions and teaching of Tao, Freemasonry, Hebrew Kabbalah, Christian Mysticism, Religious Science (See the writings of Ernest Holmes), Rosicrucian Philosophy, Alchemy, the Archetypical Language of the Tarot, and other traditions that teach the concepts discussed in the 14th and 15th chapters of the Gospel of John – CHRIST IN YOU.
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