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Silence Now Breaking

Posted on | January 9, 2017 | No Comments

My last post here on spiritcurve.com was October 14, 2010. 9 days later I hit my bottom as an alcoholic and have not had a drink since October 24, 2010. It’s been over 6 years since I’ve felt like posting here. I’ve done other work, writing The No-Plan Plan and publishing it as an ebook, rediscovering my visual art, taking a corporate job and doing the work, connecting more effectively with my family.

I’ve kept paying the hosting and domain fees to keep this site live because I knew I would come back someday. That day is getting closer.

Several friends have been encouraging me to start writing/blogging again. I’ve hesitated because I didn’t think I had much of value to share and the thought of adding another damn thing to my list of things to do was just exhausting to think about. That’s starting to change. Of course, I’ve kept my journals, and now some thoughts are coming together that might be worth sharing. The thought of typing up the ideas, at least for my own development, is not so exhausting.

What I’ll be posting here soon is just me exploring my own thoughts and trying to find the dynamic balance that works for me. If anything helps others, that’ll be a bonus. I’ll also encourage comments and discussion.


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