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The Red Pill: A whirlwind tour through Western Esoteric Symbology

Twitter Background Image by Request

I was asked to post my www.twitter.com/kevinhouchin background image.  Here you go. You can find out more about the symbology here: http://spiritcurve.com/?p=40 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=34 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=33

Online Tarot Course

As most of you know, I’m a student of the Tarot. The architypical images resonate. New decks, old decks, a great deck can really speak to your soul. I just signed up for an online course taught by one of my favorite authors examining one of the best decks ever. Here’s the information. To sign […]

Practical Spirituality by James Arthur Ray

Great Book! Here’s a little excerpt: “One day God and Satan are sitting together, drinking some red wine. God produces an envelope. ‘What do you have there?’ asks Satan. ‘Truth,’ answers God. Satan replies, ‘How about giving it to me?’ ‘What will you do with it?’ ask God. Satan replies with a sly smile, ‘I’ll […]

Hebrew Letter “Tet”

Hebrew Letter “Tet” or Teth: The Wisdom of the Serpent. The symbol of enlightenment. The letter/symbol associated with Leo. The sign of the Tarot Major Arcana card “Lust” – the power of passion. Together with YOD these are the symbols of the power of creativity, wisdom, and free thought – applied with passion toward the […]


Umberto Eco, arguably best known in the States for his book The Name of the Rose which was made into a movie starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater also wrote a great book titled Foucault’s Pendulum.  In Pendulum, Eco takes on the topic of esoteric/occult knowledge.  His protagonist, an expert on Knights Templar history has […]


From The Mists of Avalon “… – is that an evil thing, when mankind has forgotten the Mysteries?’ “They have not forgotten the mysteries,” she said, “they have found them too difficult, They want a God who will care for them, who will not demand that they struggle for enlightenment, but who will accept them […]


Hall, Manly P. – The Secret Teachings of All Ages Initiations only on Solstices and Equinoxes Winter Solstice – Christmas Birth of Adonis Birth of Mithras Birth of Osirus Birth of Jesus Spring Equinox Easter Death + 3 days = Resurrection Adonis Virgin Mother = ? Osirus Virgin Mother = Isis Mithras Virgin Mother = […]

Imagination Works Miracles

“When one knows and when one wills, one ought to have the courage to dare. Imagination is the Creative Power. God is the Imagination of Nature. She has her dreams and her nightmares, but these do not prevent her Epos from being glorious. THe architects of the Middle Ages have sketched its outline in their […]

Knowledge and Faith

“To believe without knowing is to be a fool; to know without believing is to be a mad man; true knowledge brings with it faith.” -Eliphas Levi The Paradoxes of The Highest Science (1922)

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