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The Red Pill: A whirlwind tour through Western Esoteric Symbology

Twitter Background Image by Request

I was asked to post my www.twitter.com/kevinhouchin background image.  Here you go. You can find out more about the symbology here: http://spiritcurve.com/?p=40 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=34 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=33

First Night Masonic Welcome

This is the short essay I wrote for the First Night programs at the Masonic Center last night.  There’s a little bit about the building and a little about Freemasonry in general. — On behalf of the Masonic Family in Fort Collins, I welcome you to our historic Masonic Center. This building is truly one […]

Secret #3: Creativity is not just about action.

Secret #3: Creativity is not just about action. History shows humans are always creating. My wife and I have 3 wonderful children. My wife is a labor Doula (birth coach) and is currently studying to be a Midwife, so between my own children, and the stories of the many labors at which my wife has […]

Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values

This is my newest E-book. For a printer-friendly PDF of this content, visit www.guidingvalue.com. Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values Introduction Spirituality, business, and life in general should be happy and relatively easy–with challenges coming to add growth and interest to life rather than anxiety, fear, and pain. To me, short, simple books resonate with the […]

I’ll be back soon…

I haven’t been posting much here for the past few months because I’ve been working very hard on bringing my design, legal, and spiritual interests into form as one business. I’m launching a new kind of firm, one that provides marketing services – especially branding – in combination with intellectual property and business development law. […]

Great book

I’m reading a great book titled Mysteries of the Kabbalah by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, translated from the French by Josephine Bacon. Abbeville Press Publishers, ISBN: 0-7892-0654-4. It’s a very refreshing approach to the subject that one does not find in most of the books on Kabbalah found on most bookstore shelves here in the U.S. Reading […]

Hebrew Letter “Tet”

Hebrew Letter “Tet” or Teth: The Wisdom of the Serpent. The symbol of enlightenment. The letter/symbol associated with Leo. The sign of the Tarot Major Arcana card “Lust” – the power of passion. Together with YOD these are the symbols of the power of creativity, wisdom, and free thought – applied with passion toward the […]


Umberto Eco, arguably best known in the States for his book The Name of the Rose which was made into a movie starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater also wrote a great book titled Foucault’s Pendulum.  In Pendulum, Eco takes on the topic of esoteric/occult knowledge.  His protagonist, an expert on Knights Templar history has […]

Hebrew Letter Yod

Hebrew Letter “Yod” (Yode): The Creative Hand/Spark of God. The symbol of the spark of divinity in Man “Christ in you” communicated via the 14th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The letter/symbol associated with Virgo. Also the sign associated with the Tarot Major Arcana card “The Hermit” – the bringer of light. My birthday is […]

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