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The Red Pill: A whirlwind tour through Western Esoteric Symbology

Twitter Background Image by Request

I was asked to post my www.twitter.com/kevinhouchin background image.  Here you go. You can find out more about the symbology here: http://spiritcurve.com/?p=40 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=34 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=33

Back on Track

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the intersection of law, business, creativity, and spirituality. I’ve been listening to some recordings of Joseph Campbell and reading his work, along with a lot of other great thinkers. Here’s what I’ve come up with: Law enables Business Business is the vehicle for our Creativity Creativity fuels the […]

Queen of Wands

I’ve been trying to work through some issues with giving and receiving lately. It seems I “give” so much, that I’ve been flooding the spiritual conduit and blocking the “receive.” This can also be seen as an imbalance in my male/female or ying/yang energies. I’m out of balance on the male side, always have been. […]

Online Tarot Course

As most of you know, I’m a student of the Tarot. The architypical images resonate. New decks, old decks, a great deck can really speak to your soul. I just signed up for an online course taught by one of my favorite authors examining one of the best decks ever. Here’s the information. To sign […]

I’ll be back soon…

I haven’t been posting much here for the past few months because I’ve been working very hard on bringing my design, legal, and spiritual interests into form as one business. I’m launching a new kind of firm, one that provides marketing services – especially branding – in combination with intellectual property and business development law. […]

Great book

I’m reading a great book titled Mysteries of the Kabbalah by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, translated from the French by Josephine Bacon. Abbeville Press Publishers, ISBN: 0-7892-0654-4. It’s a very refreshing approach to the subject that one does not find in most of the books on Kabbalah found on most bookstore shelves here in the U.S. Reading […]

Kabbalah Center

I’ve been reading some things about the Kabbalah Center, and have had some experience with them that make me think they’re a bit too commercially focused.  It seems like all their programs are targeted to get money from people.  I could be wrong, maybe they ARE focused honestly on “receiving for the sake of sharing” […]

Hebrew Letter “Tet”

Hebrew Letter “Tet” or Teth: The Wisdom of the Serpent. The symbol of enlightenment. The letter/symbol associated with Leo. The sign of the Tarot Major Arcana card “Lust” – the power of passion. Together with YOD these are the symbols of the power of creativity, wisdom, and free thought – applied with passion toward the […]


Umberto Eco, arguably best known in the States for his book The Name of the Rose which was made into a movie starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater also wrote a great book titled Foucault’s Pendulum.  In Pendulum, Eco takes on the topic of esoteric/occult knowledge.  His protagonist, an expert on Knights Templar history has […]

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