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Brian McLaren’s “President Bush’s UNGIVEN Speech”

Amen. If only… Download the file by clicking HERE. 

The “Way”

The Tao is translated as “The Way.” I think Jesus’s words in Matthew 6 and 7 speak in almost the same cadence and content as the Tao. Can we get to a better understanding of: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me” in […]

Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values

This is my newest E-book. For a printer-friendly PDF of this content, visit www.guidingvalue.com. Strange Fire: 5 Guiding Values Introduction Spirituality, business, and life in general should be happy and relatively easy–with challenges coming to add growth and interest to life rather than anxiety, fear, and pain. To me, short, simple books resonate with the […]

This looks fun


Another Great Web site


Another Thought-Provoking Web Site

Check out this site: http://www.emergentvillage.com/ These folks are trying to make Christianity relevant to most of us again and maybe move past dogma and back to love…

Practical Spirituality by James Arthur Ray

Great Book! Here’s a little excerpt: “One day God and Satan are sitting together, drinking some red wine. God produces an envelope. ‘What do you have there?’ asks Satan. ‘Truth,’ answers God. Satan replies, ‘How about giving it to me?’ ‘What will you do with it?’ ask God. Satan replies with a sly smile, ‘I’ll […]

“Christian Response” to The Secret

It happened to me again yesterday, I was confronted via an article in the local newspaper with someone (actually two people working together this time) claiming to have “the Christian” response to some topic – in this case the movie “The Secret“. Again, my brain about exploded. Why, because several things were happening again: Someone […]

Hebrew Letter “Tet”

Hebrew Letter “Tet” or Teth: The Wisdom of the Serpent. The symbol of enlightenment. The letter/symbol associated with Leo. The sign of the Tarot Major Arcana card “Lust” – the power of passion. Together with YOD these are the symbols of the power of creativity, wisdom, and free thought – applied with passion toward the […]


Umberto Eco, arguably best known in the States for his book The Name of the Rose which was made into a movie starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater also wrote a great book titled Foucault’s Pendulum.  In Pendulum, Eco takes on the topic of esoteric/occult knowledge.  His protagonist, an expert on Knights Templar history has […]

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