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Stillness & The Space Between

Since I founded The Space Between Center for Creative Spirit in Business earlier this month, I’ve received a lot of questions asking about the thought behind the name. There’s a lot of thought behind the name, that’s for sure. I started working on the concept way back in early 2008. Much of the following essay […]

The Red Pill: A whirlwind tour through Western Esoteric Symbology

Twitter Background Image by Request

I was asked to post my www.twitter.com/kevinhouchin background image.  Here you go. You can find out more about the symbology here: http://spiritcurve.com/?p=40 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=34 http://spiritcurve.com/?p=33

Queen of Wands

I’ve been trying to work through some issues with giving and receiving lately. It seems I “give” so much, that I’ve been flooding the spiritual conduit and blocking the “receive.” This can also be seen as an imbalance in my male/female or ying/yang energies. I’m out of balance on the male side, always have been. […]

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