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Queen of Wands

Posted on | November 13, 2007 | No Comments

I’ve been trying to work through some issues with giving and receiving lately. It seems I “give” so much, that I’ve been flooding the spiritual conduit and blocking the “receive.” This can also be seen as an imbalance in my male/female or ying/yang energies. I’m out of balance on the male side, always have been. Lately it seems I’ve been forced to bring these things back into balance.

Lots of things have been happening relative to female energy including:

  • Meeting my birth mother in person for the first time last week.
  • Getting closer to my wife as we work through the “normal” stresses of having 3 young children and being self-employed.
  • Working with a female life/business coach for the last year+.
  • Having some “body-work” done by a new female massage therapist that caused some pretty emotional stuff to be stirred up and worked through.

Last Friday night we had some great friends over for dinner. They brought me a copy of “A Joseph Campbell Companion.” I’ve been aware of Campbell, but had never really sat down and read his essays or books. The old saying from they Kybalion that the lips of the master open when the ears of the student are ready to learn is holding true. I was between books. I was ready for this next chapter in my study.

I started reading it Saturday. I’m hooked.

The powerful thing is that Saturday night I had a very powerful and vivid dream where a beautiful and very powerful blond woman (don’t worry, it doesn’t go there) is literally holding a “key” to my future success and freedom – get this – in her mouth. Ya, I didn’t understand either, but I remembered.

Sunday I continued reading. Sunday night, she was back, again with the key. I thought I recognized her as one of the women in the images of my Archeon tarot deck. Monday, I pulled the deck and looked at all the female cards. It started falling together. I narrowed it down to three possible cards: The Queen of Wands, The Priestess, and The Empress.

Last night she was back. It was definitely the Queen of Wands. Today I looked at several versions and explanations of that card. I asked around to people smarter about this than I am. I’ve only ended up with a stronger feeling that this archetype is with me in my dreams. Now I’m working through why, what message, what actions, what meanings.

In the Thoth deck, she is resting a hand on a leopard. It reminded me of Lyra’s father in Phillip Pulman’s “Dark Materials” series who’s daemon is a leopard (I think…). Pulman’s character is powerful. So, I need to re-read that series. I’ve always thought my daemon (as in the story) would be a large predatory feline. I thought it would be a mountain lioness, but in the world of archetypes, a leopard is probably close enough… So, maybe the Queen is one with the leopard. Maybe the Queen of Wands is my daemon – the female part of my soul.

Maybe the message is to embrace the qualities of the Queen of Wands as the feminine half of my soul that I’ve been blocking. Maybe she’s my muse and the spirit I channel when I’m being creative. Maybe she holds the key to my freedom and success.

I just realized that she also looks a little like the angel in the Spiritcurve Masthead Image at the top of the page. Amazing.

There’s a lot going on these days…


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