A discussion about things of the spiritual nature.

My new prayer.

Creator, Thank you for my time here. Give me nothing I did not earn. Give me nothing I cannot share. Amen

72 Names Quote #2

“… God never created religion. Humans did. And this human-made invention has done nothing but create separation between people. Tragically, more blood has been spilled on behalf of religion than from all other diseases and crimes combined. Religion fosters hatred. It give rise to ware and genocide – all in the name of God. Well, […]

72 Names Quote #1

“… God never answers prayers. It is people who answer their own prayers by knowing how to connect to and utilize the divine energy of the Creator and the God-like foce in their own souls.” p. 13


Our cultural reluctance to question faith is deep.  It’s a part of our Christian culture.  It amazes me that we are still afraid of being labeled as heretics. Didn’t persecution of heresy end? Apparently not.  I know of whole communities labeled as “Catholic” or “Lutheran” or “Dutch-reformed” towns where to not follow the party line […]

The Bible is The Bible is The Bible: “NOT!”

I’ve been discussing spirituality with a long-lost friend that I grew up with. We’ve been apart for 20 years, but we grew up together in the same small church. We’ve been discussing that influence on our lives since. We were talking about Bibles, and while the question didn’t come up directly, it got me thinking […]

On Advent and Christmas

I was at church on the second Sunday of Advent this season and the pastor spoke about the child of light coming to the earth. I thought that discussion was very enlightened for any Christian church today. He used a story about some high-school kids on a retreat camping in the mountains and noticing how […]

Previously Called “Bible 101”

The Bible: Past, Present & Future Adult Education Course Have you ever wondered who decided on the books of the bible and why these documents were chosen? What were there economic, social, or political considerations? What was wrong with the books that were excluded in the Bible? Why are there so many different interpretations of […]

Kevin Houchin – Spiritual Manifesto (a work in progress)

I believe there is something greater than us at work in the universe (multiverse). I like the idea of a God of Creation – and I believe he/she/it is STILL creating. How boring would eternity be if God’s creative work was FINISHED?! I don’t mind being the creative experiment of something larger – as long […]

Introduction to Masonic Geometry

Introduction to Masonic Geometry © 2005 Kevin E. Houchin Draft 1.0 It’s no secret that Geometry is important to Masons. Everyone can see the square and compass in our symbol, and only the most non-thinking human would miss the connection between our most visible symbol and geometry. Of course non-masons are not expected to UNDERSTAND […]

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